Wire Taking Packaging Automated Warehousing System ASRS Solutions

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Kinte
Certification ISO9001/FEM/ISO14001/OHSAS 18001
Model Number Customized
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Packed with plastic films and wrap with strips
Delivery Time According to customer's requirement
Payment Terms Negotiable
Supply Ability Strong production capacity
Product Details
Openness Good Modal Combination Flexible
Monitoring Machine MC Main Management Machine HCI
ASRS Pallet Shuttle Personnel 80% Savings
Site Area 40% Savings Space Utilization 90% Increase
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ASRS Automated Warehousing System


ISO14001 Automated Warehousing System


FEM ASRS Warehouse Automation Solutions

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Product Description

Wire Taking Packaging Automated Warehousing System ASRS Solutions


Automatic Wire Taking Packaging Chemical Fiber Industry Intelligent Warehousing System ASRS


Features of warehouse control system


Good openness


The hardware and software environment of the whole system is open and transparent, which is convenient for future modification and expansion, and has a general interface for connecting with other systems.


Modal combination is flexible


Multi-level control mode and various flexible operation modes enable the system to be combined according to different needs.


Technology and equipment are mature and advanced systems use far-infrared communication equipment, intelligent control system, network integration technology and low-light automatic control camera system. These technologies and equipment provide an effective guarantee for the reliable, efficient and flexible operation of the system.


Warehouse operation process


Empty pallet handling and conveying process


The monitoring machine MC calculates the number of empty pallets that the conveyor can provide to the code machine according to a certain algorithm according to the field information returned by the empty pallet conveyor controller and the outgoing conveyor controller. If it is less than the allowable minimum number of empty trays, then judge whether the three-dimensional warehouse is carrying out the outbound operation at this time. If it is outbound, the operation status will remain unchanged (because it can naturally provide empty trays for the palletizer after the warehouse is out of the warehouse); if At this time, there is no outbound operation, then the monitoring machine MC applies to the main management machine HCI; applies for empty pallet outbound, HCT decides a batch of empty pallet outbound operations, and issues a library order. The following process is the same as the full pallet delivery process, but the empty pallets are sent to the empty pallet conveyor under the control of the system.


If the number of empty disks on the conveyor line is more than the maximum allowable number of empty disks, the monitoring machine MC sends an empty disk return command to the conveyor controller to ensure that the outbound goods will not be blocked due to too many empty disks on the conveyor line. When the empty disk is returned to the library and the system is balanced, the MC will send the "Forbid the empty disk to be returned to the library" command to restore the efficient state of the system.


Design Specification Project Result
Automatic wire taking packaging system
Automatic storage system
Realize the automation of all processes from the winding machine to the finished product warehouse for sale

Automatic packaging line

Pallet shuttle ASRS
80% savings in personnel
40% savings in site area
90% increase in space utilization

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