24m 5304 Slots Automated Storage Retrieval System Chemical Fiber Industry

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Kinte
Certification ISO9001/FEM/ISO14001/OHSAS 18001
Model Number Customized
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Packed with plastic films and wrap with strips
Delivery Time According to customer's requirement
Payment Terms Negotiable
Supply Ability Strong production capacity
Product Details
Height 24 Meters Slots 5304
Automation High Efficiency Fast And Accurate
Main Management Computer HCI Monitoring Machine MC
Double-deep Stacker 3 Truss Manipulators 3
Pallet Conveyor Line 1 Set RGV Trolley 4
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5304 Slots Automated Storage Retrieval System


24m Automated Storage Retrieval System


FEM 24m Intelligent Storage System

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Product Description

24m 5304 Slots Automated Storage Retrieval System Chemical Fiber Industry


24 Meters 5304 Slots Chemical Fiber Industry Intelligent Storage System ASRS MHS


Features of warehouse control system


High degree of automation


In the automated warehouse system, except for the manual input of outbound orders and manual handling at the shipping port, no manual intervention is required. This is one of the three-dimensional warehouses with a relatively high degree of comprehensive automation in China.


Fast and accurate work

Accurate search and reasonable allocation of cargo space allocation, parity check of stacker address recognition, bar code review and bifurcation, multiple entrances and multiple exits, the allocation principle of uniform entry and exit of each lane and the nearest warehouse, reasonable and efficient The precise job scheduling and automatic replenishment of empty pallets all improve the accuracy and efficiency of the job.


Warehouse operation process


Outbound operation process

First, the out-warehouse operator inputs the information of the delivery note (variety, quantity or total amount) into the out-warehouse terminal according to the buyer's purchase requirements, and automatically transmits it to the main management computer HCl. HCl conducts inventory inquiries according to the information of the receipt of the outbound order, and selects the pallets, the location address and the corresponding delivery platform according to the principles of first-in, first-out, uniform outbound in each lane, and outbound in the nearest lane. Approve the library command, and then send it to the monitoring machine MC. After the monitoring machine MC receives the outbound order, according to the current situation of inbound and outbound operations, the outbound order and other operation commands (such as warehousing, empty disk operation, etc.) are optimized and scheduled, and the operation sequence of each lane is arranged. Send the arranged job commands (columns, layers, left and right rows, etc.) to the relevant stacker controllers one by one.


The stacker runs to the designated cargo position according to the outgoing command of the monitoring machine MC, takes out the cargo and sends it to the outgoing platform at the entrance of the roadway. The stacker controller can select a reasonable running speed according to different running distances and heights, and has a series of safety protection and fault handling capabilities. ' After the stacker completes an outbound operation, the controller returns the operation completion information to the MC, waiting for the next operation. At this time, the outbound conveyor controller controls the conveyance of the goods that the stacker has just finished outbound. After the monitoring machine MC receives the operation completion information of the stacker, it sends the pallet number of the goods and the delivery platform to the warehouse bar code system, and returns the goods delivery completion information to the main management machine HCl. The main management machine HCl writes off the information received from the monitoring machine MC, and realizes the function of "dynamic ledger". At the same time, the outbound bar code system reads the pallet numbers that pass in front of it, and each pallet number is read. It is compared to the pallet number it received from the MC and assigned to the corresponding outbound barcode reader. These readers perform corresponding bifurcation actions through the outbound conveyor control system, and are respectively sent to the three outbound ports. After the loaded pallet reaches the delivery lift, it stops running and waits for manual adjustment of its height. After unloading, the porter presses a button to start the empty pallet conveyor to automatically send the empty pallet away. If the stacker fails during operation, the stacker will stop in an emergency, and return information such as the failure and its category to the monitoring machine MC. According to the fault information returned by the stacker controller, the MC automatically stops the stacker in the corresponding aisle, and performs troubleshooting in vain or manually.


Design Specification Project Result
Total height 24 meters
5304 slots
Solve customer storage problems, realize high-density storage of goods, and ensure maximum space utilization
3 double-deep stackers
3 truss manipulators
1 set of pallet conveyor line
4 RGV trolleys
The outbound end is docked with the customer's equipment and is automatically delivered to the manual operation station, which greatly improves the efficiency;

       WMS and WCS

Realize the full-automatic warehouse-in, warehouse-out and inventory functions of the entire system, and meet customer needs with value on the premise of maximizing cost savings


24m 5304 Slots Automated Storage Retrieval System Chemical Fiber Industry 024m 5304 Slots Automated Storage Retrieval System Chemical Fiber Industry 1